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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thank you!

April 20th is Volunteer Recognition Day.  I volunteer to be recognized!  If anyone wants to recognize me, I'll be the one driving my car, doing my job, and walking my dog Wolf later.  Just say, "Hey, I know that woman!  She's the one with the hummus problem!"  Though right now I don't have a problem because I have not one but two little tubs of hummus in the fridge, left over from the retreat last weekend.  I think I now have most of my friends trained as there were at least 5 containers of hummus among the snacks on Friday night.

 It's also Look Alike Day, so if anyone wants to look like me they are welcome to do so, though probably slightly crazy.

I can look out my front window and see the neighbor's redbud tree is getting it's color on.  My lilacs are still waiting for warmer temps and only one of my tulips is brave enough to think about blooming.  My grass, however, is all about growing fast and green, though it's been too wet to mow.  One drawback of the reel mower:  doesn't cut very long grass well, so I will have to take advantage of any time this week when it's dry enough to get out there, no matter if it's really really chilly. 

The word chilly makes me think of the word cool, which makes me think of NCIS:  LA which I have started watching since I realized that both LL Cool J and Linda Hunt are in the show.  Who would have ever pictured the two of them together in a television show?  Not I.  But whoever did that was brilliant.  Tuesday is the Night of Living Dangerously if you interrupt me between 7 and 8 o'clock. 

Not really, you may feel free to interrupt me to bring me hummus.  Or possibly chocolate but it had better be really good chocolate.  Or if you want to stop by and cut the grass for me.  Or if you are LL Cool J then you may stop by.  

On a more serious note, thank you to all the volunteers out there.  Thank you to my parents who volunteer every year for a couple of months or more at Sager Brown in Baldwin, Louisiana.  Thank you to the NCC people who volunteer to help each other out when the Care Committee people come calling and emailing.  Thank you to school volunteers.  Thank you to Red Cross people, Doctors without Borders volunteers, those of you who cook for homeless shelters,  Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Kathleen said...

Indeed, thank you, volunteers! And hummusketeers! I got various little chocolate eggs yesterday.

ted tingley said...

Some Hallmark stores give you a sample of REALLY good chocolate.

Maybe when your parents get moved to Illinois (IF WE EVER SELL THIS HOUSE) we can volunteer at Midwest Distribution Center in Chatam.