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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Bird in the Bush

This pretty little gal is trying to stay dry today right outside my window.  The lilac bush isn't offering much protection, but it must be better than nothing at all. 

Glad I added seed to the bird feeder yesterday for her.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

It's a Lazy Day in the Neighborhood

A beautiful thing, a lazy day!  I do not have to work.  Sisi does not have a basketball game or practice.  We have lots of groceries thanks to the threat of bad weather on Friday and my trip to Costco Thursday.  The house is kind of messy and I don't much care right now.  (Later it will get on my nerves and the kids and I will do some cleaning up...when we darned well feel like getting around to it.) 

We have some old movies I rented this week for us to watch...the kids think they are painfully boring and outdated.  We watched Raiders of the Lost Ark last night.  No big special effects or flying superheroes.  Just a college professor with a cool hat and a big whip. 

They did manage to suffer through to the end.  I can hardly wait to hear them complain about Driving Miss Daisy later today!  

I will probably have a date with Miss Clairol today.  And we will play some board games.  I might get to work on my latest mosaic project.  And...who knows.  Maybe a nap!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Get the Tahini Gun Ready!

Thanks to Collage Mama for sharing this fun web site.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

She Does It All!!!

Faster than a bouncing basketball...
More powerful than a coach's whistle...
Able to rebound without a single bounce...
It's #41 of the Normal Parks and Rec SKY team!  Go SKY!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Kim Akimbo and the Ghost...What?

The Player has noticed that I stand in the Arms Akimbo position when I am...in lots of different moods.   As you can see from the above photo taken when I was eight, this is not exactly NEWS. 

In a moment of insight, however, The Player has suggested that the reason it took over 2 days of labor for my momma to birth me is that I was probably in this position in the canal.   Forceps were used, likely needed to squeeze my elbows back in to my sides. 

What?  Too Much Information does not exist in our family.

And while we are on the subject of forceps in canals etc...I was at Family Video today with J-dude browsing the cinematic offerings and out of the corner of one eye I thought I saw a title "The Ghost Proctologist."

O, but when I turned to see if that could possibly be, I re-read the title and found it was...The Ghost Protocol.  Which may not be any more desirable a film to watch, but probably Yes.  Because any movie with the word proctologist in the title would make me put my hands on my hips and say....


Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday and Mosaic Monday

Yesterday Sisi decided not to watch the SuperBowl but to keep a running record of the number and quality of commercials.  And she read War Horse while the game was being played.  I did not know that is a kid's book! I learned something new!

 I watched both the game and the commercials.  I'm a glutton.  My favorite commercial was the Audi commercial where the kid gets a black eye at prom.  I'm a contradiction.

I was not rooting for either team.  I was kind of rooting for both teams.  I wanted the game to go into triple overtime except that it was late and J-dude needed to get to bed. 

So I was happy that it was an exciting game, close at the very end.  And over by 10:00 p.m. 

Today I worked on a mosaic key-hanger plaque using Scrabble Tiles, broken cup handles and glass tiles.  It's about 1/3 done.  You'll see it here one of these days. 

I am currently finishing up a couple hanging orbs - the grout it setting as I type here.  I don't have photos of them yet, they are small, about the size of your average Christmas tree ornament.  One of them is mostly pink with pale blue and green accents.  The other one is orange and blue.  I must have been thinking of Caroline and Elizabeth when I made them!

I have photos of my first commissioned work (assuming there will be at least a second commissioned work, I guess.)  It's a larger orb with irridescent tiles.  Here are some pics:

side view
from the bottom

and the top:
I hope my mom's friend likes it.  (Maybe she will look at it here first, before I send it down south?)
Off to wipe off drying grout! 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Tale of Epic Proportions

My mom called yesterday to ask if I am okay.  I said yes, I'm okay.  Why do you ask?

Note - usually she has seen that it's doing something scary on The Weather Channel in my area when she calls with this question.  So when she called and asked me that question I thought, Oh No, A Winter Storm is On The Way! 

But no.  The reason she called and asked is that I have not been blogging or on Facebook.

Note - I haven't been on Facebook much in the last year or so. 

I'm thinking of starting a new Social Media site called Bellybuttonbook.

But I digress.

The reason I've been absent from blogging is that I have been....ta da!...too busy at work!   Hey, wake up Gentle Readers.  I know!  It's a boring reason.  But it's true.

We are in the process of converting to a new computer system and I am one of the (get this) SuperUsers.  Which means I've been in classes about the new system, teaching coworkers the new system, helping with the implementation of the new system and finding problems and passing them along and answering phone calls about the new system and listening when my coworkers feel like crying because they can't figure out how to use the new system.

The new system is called Epic.

I like the new system and once the scheduling part of the program is working correctly (a big deal in Home Health Care, trust me) we will all be happy. 

This transition started back in October with classes.  We started using Epic on a limited basis 3 weeks ago, and by early March our transition should be complete.

Then maybe I will have a life again and feel like I have something interesting to blog about. 

Here are some interesting things I have done during the last few months...

1. um...
2. I went to The Normal Theater once or twice.
3. yeah...
4. Sisi started basketball in January and she is awesome (a WE so ME!)
5. worked on a couple mosaics...

You get the picture.  Yawn...