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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Blog Recall

Hummus Anonymous announces a recall of this site due to fear of wisteria growing in the margins.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Comfort and Joy

Every year we put our Christmas tree up on Friday evening after Thanksgiving.   This is a family tradition, including me having some degree of a nervous breakdown during the process. I cannot imagine what it is that sets me on edge.  The combination of electric lights, glass ornaments, pets, and sibling rivalry could be contributing factors.

Or I might just be a total wacko.

Fortunately we always work through the process and the tree goes up.  This year we bought a new tree, having decided that the Charlie Brown Artificial Tree could be retired.  This tree is taller, allowing for more sibling rivalry over who would place the angel at the top.  Somehow both kids have come to believe that it is their traditional job.  Oy ve!

In this photo you can barely see the new carpet and next time there is a living room photo we hope to have taken delivery of a new sofa and loveseat (Thank you Santa!)

After the tree was decorated I am pretty sure Sisi set off a tinsel garland bomb in the living room.  It's everywhere!

Today the weather brought great joy!!!  The last day of November in Central Illinois and this is what we got:

Trust me, 57 degrees this time of year isn't really Normal.

To celebrate Ironing Man and I went for a walk on Constitution Trail.  

More joy, in the comfort of warmer than normal temperatures.

And when we came home I finished a new mosaic project.  I'm learning to use smalti, which is conducive to smaller projects and doesn't require grouting, making it perfect for winter indoor projects in the little room where I work.

Here's the project, it's about 5 x 6 inches.  A simple design while I learn how to manage the smalti and the thinset which is the adhesive AND looks like grout.  I didn't color the thinset this time, so it's kind of a boring gray.

Joyful joyful I adore smalti!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Maytag Repairman Meets Batman

On Monday of last week I had a visit from someone who is supposedly very lonely.  I came home from work at lunchtime, and $179 later he left.  I don't think I've ever had such an expensive lunch!  Thanks a LOT, Maytag Repair-Guy.

He did find $4.63 in change inside the dryer, which he returned to me.  And broken "gas coils" which Ironing Man said sound like something a gastro-enterologist should be fixing.  Especially at those rates.

In other weekly news...Sisi started swimming at the "silver" level on the Funky Fish Swim Club.  Promoted from Bronze.  Now she has longer practices and harder practices.  She was very nervous the first night.  I told the head coach, who apparently told her coach, who went up to her before practice and said, "Don't worry.  You're not going to die tonight."

J-dude will probably be moving up next month to that level, too.  He's working hard and improving all his times in his meets.  Except for the 100-yard backstroke today where he (1) smashed his left hand into the wall at the end of his first lap, which (2) hurt like the dickens, and then he (3) disqualified in the event.  Miscounting your backstrokes can be both painful and frustrating, but not fatal either.

This girl dropped 2 seconds off her best time on 50 yard fly.  And she wants to be called Batman from now on.  In this blog, and on her swim team.  Yes, her best buddy in swimming is Robin.

J-dude dropped 7 seconds in his 100 yard freestyle and 13 seconds in his 200 yard freestyle this weekend.  And Sisi, er...Batman-girl...thinks he should be called "The Flash."

Sunday, November 2, 2014

It's Amazing What You Can Find at the Hardware Store

I myself went to Ace is the Place Hardware today for some Power Grab, which sounds like something a superhero might need to fight crime, but really is just the glue I use for my mosaics.

While there a woman came in claiming that there was a red van in the parking lot that (a) had a dog inside, and (b) had smoke pouring out of the engine. The clerk asked everyone in line if it was their red van, no one stepped forward.  Then he went to the door, looked out, and came back to wait on the rest of us and ignored the (possibly insane) woman.

When I went outside there was indeed (1) a red van, with (2) a dog inside.  However the window to the van was so far open that if the dog needed to get out of the van there would have been no problem.

And there was NOT any (i) smoke pouring out of anything, nor (ii) any evidence of smoke ever pouring out of the van.

Like I said, possibly insane.

The good thing is that while I was in line waiting for the clerk to verify that an exploding van was not in the parking lot, I noticed something that is FOR SURE going to save me a LOT of time and money when I get ready to sell my house someday.  I expected I'd need a major house overhaul to get that done when the day arrived.

Handiest item in the hardware!

Monday, October 20, 2014

I Have Turned into My Parents

Yes, it has arrived.  That moment when, listening to my son's music, I heard myself say, "I can't understand anything they are saying."

Then I heard myself say, "I sound just like my parents used to."

I asked Ironing Man to take my picture, as this seemed like a "blog-worthy" moment.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

What Would Jesus Drive?

I have been thinking about Jesus lately. I wonder what he'd think of me, of my lifestyle, if he were around.  Why do I care?  Not sure except when you really admire someone, you want to think they'd approve of your choices, right?  Well, bad news.  I'm pretty sure he'd be disappointed in me.

 For starters he would say, "Listen, if you are going to go around the countryside trying to heal the sick and help the lame to walk, why are you doing it in a gas-powered vehicle that pollutes the environment and heats up the atmosphere.?"

I would mutter something in an embarrassed voice about how it gets an average of 34 miles per gallon.

He would not be impressed.

"Walking was good enough for me, why do you have to drive to do your work?"

I would remind him that my productivity standards require me to see a certain number of patients per 8 hour day.

He would just stare at me and roll his eyes.  He might mention I could ride on an ass.

I would probably go out on a limb and say that, in a way, I'm already doing that.  But after we both got over our case of the giggles, he'd say, "Ok, a horse.  a camel. a bicycle.  or how about an electric vehicle?"

Hmm...the EVs only go about 70 miles on one charge, and I often drive more than that.

BUT...just last week I got reassigned to a new territory and I usually will be driving much less than 70 miles in a day.  In fact last week I only drove 102 miles ALL WEEK for work.  So maybe an EV is a possibility.

And then with some solar panels, maybe I can stop contributing QUITE so much to the mess.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


I made up that word!  I like it.  Is it a dance?  A kind of puzzle?   A children's toy?  A bird?  A plane?

No it's just a made up word combining the ideas of Zentangle (which is a form of meditative doodling I learned about a few weeks ago) and this crazy Pi cat as seen on the hood of The Player's car as I was heading off to work Friday morning.

I do love my cell phone's features:  Camera.  Compass.  Internet access.  Stopwatch.  Timer.  Clock.  Alarms.  Notepad.  Weather updates.  Maps!  Animation program. DId I forget anything?  Oh, yeah, you can CALL people and TALK to them, too!  Wowee wow wow!

Here are some of my zentangles:

Materials needed - little squares of nice watercolor paper, a 0.01 mm pen, and a little imagination.  There are standard zentangle patterns, easily found on the internet, and if you repeat them in your drawing while relaxing and thinking about your breathing, you are zentangling!
Plus you get a nice little piece of art when you are done!  What could be better?