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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Four Wheelin'

Saturday Sisi and I took a trip west to meet her Grandma and Grandad at the IPAVA parade celebrating Camp Ellis Days.  Later in the day we headed out to my cousin Kermit's house where he gave Sisi some four-wheeling lessons and then turned her loose in his very ample yard.
This vehicle is called the Mule...
 Here she is learning how to shift gears!!


and away she goes!!!
It was a great day for Miss Sisi!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Goose Me!

Working a crossword puzzle and got down to just 6 blanks.  Clue for the shorter of the 2 words, "flock of geese."  Blank blank blank I N -- my only idea "gaggle" would not do.

Looked it up on Wikipedia.  I did not know that a gaggle of geese is only a flock on the ground.

Skein - that's the word of my day!  It's a group of geese flying.  Which could also be called a team or a wedge of geese.   But not flying too close together because then those geese would be a plump.

Who gnu?

So now I was left with only one more set of 3 blanks, which were followed by the letters:

          BIDAVIDSMALL...the clue was Harry Kemelman sleuth.

I had no idea, but I sure thought the answer had to be BAMBI DAVID SMALL.  No other name I could think of ended with BI.

Of course I was dead wrong, the sleuth's name, er, title is RABBI.  So I learned something else today.
I learned that someone needs to write some mystery novels with someone named Bambi as the protagonist!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Baseball Players work on Labor Day

Also working this Monday:  the folks who work at the Chicago Transit Authority.  People who sell tickets at Wrigley Field.  The beer vendors and the ushers who throw out the 3 guys in the right field bleachers who drink too much and shout obscenities.  The guys who sell the $4.25 bottles of water.  The gals who sell $6.25 hot dogs.  The EMTs on stand-by in the stands.  The umpires and radio and TV announcers, police-people blocking traffic.  Fast food workers at Dairy Queen and McDonalds in Dwight and Channahon.

All these people working, and more, who made it possible for us to relax and enjoy this:

and this
while we were here