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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

La Mosaicista and the Captain

That's what my Smart Phone auto-corrected (is that a verb?  Well, it is now.)  the word "mosaicist" as when I texted it to my sister Connie Lou.  I actually typed Geeky Mosaicist  which then became geeky mosaicista...which I kind of like now.

So, now you are wondering what made me choose the adjective GEEKY?  Well, I hope you are wondering and not saying to yourself self, that is totally the perfect adjective for Kim.  Because even though it may be true, I still would like to pretend otherwise much of the time.  But here is the proof that I am, indeed, at least sometimes, GEEKY as in I-Love-Star-Trek-geeky:

I have a broken Star Trek mug and I'm not afraid to use it!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Quite Possibly This is The Best News Ever

Usually when I watch or listen to the news, I just get sad or blue or bummed out or mad or frustrated or I feel hopeless or desparate or sad or blue or...you get the idea.

So imagine my absolute GLEE last evening when we watched Sixty Minutes and happened upon the news out of the University of California at Irvine:  a study of what differentiates people who live in to their nineties (and live well and healthily for the most part.)

Number 1....something that may surprise you to find out did not make any difference:  taking vitamins.  Any vitamins.  Not B, not C, not DEF or Z.   (I take a children's vitamin just because that's what I can remember to take, and I don't really mind taking them but still if money gets tight you can bet that I will cut that right off the shopping list.  Because if I do live into my nineties I will definitely not have enough money for everything so that will be the first thing off the grocery budget!)

Number 2...being overweight in your 70's turns out to be a predictor of living into your 90's! Wow!  I am way (weigh) ahead of the game being slightly overweight in my 50's.  Just call me over-achiever when it comes to this one!

Number 3...having slightly high blood pressure ALSO good in your nineties.  So I can cross THAT med off the shopping list when the time arrives (if it arrives) as well!!

Number 4...best news of all.  Moderate consumption of coffee and alcohol are BETTER than not drinking them at all.  And the alcohol does not have to be red wine, though that is my adult beverage of choice.  I can opt for something cheaper if... (see items 1 and 3 above.)

So eat drink and be merry!  For tomorrow you may be NINETY!!