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Friday, August 16, 2013

How did this happen?

I find myself happily at home on Friday night ... surprisingly all by myself for a couple hours!  This never happens.  Well, until now.

J-dude and The Player are out playing Frisbee golf.  This will take some time, as J-dude has coerced er, convinced The Player to play 18 holes.  Sisi is at a friend's house at a Friday night event called "dinner and a movie."  I think there is frozen pizza and a DVD, and 2 of her good school friends who just found out today that they are in the same class this year.  And they have J-dude's former 5th grade teacher.  Sisi has never had the same teacher as her brother until this year.  I think it will be just fine for her. 

This teacher is the one who had an unfortunate mispronunciation of 'Homo Sapiens' in J-dude's class...homo say penis.  According to J-dude after she read it aloud that way and the class started snickering, she simply put her head down on her desk and said nothing for quite some time.

O boy.

And how did THIS happen:

Alfonso Soriano played somewhat above average but not spectacular baseball for many years as a Cub.  A few weeks ago he got traded to The Yankees.  And now he has set a near record for RBIs in 2 games...he had 13 RBIs in 2 games, second most in major league baseball history. 

Why not with the Cubs?  Oh...people have to be on base ahead of you to get RBIs...yeah, that's right.

It's hard to watch a player go elsewhere and shine like that.  But that's part of being a Cubs fan.