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Thursday, May 8, 2014

'Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky

Right, it's from Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze.  (I hope.)  Because I'm on a Color Roll now and the color of the day is purple.

But first a slight glance backward at the past 2 days of black and blue. (Don't worry, not that kind of black and blue.)

Tuesday evening we attended Sisi's 5th grade orchestra concert.  She's there in the front row wearing a black suit and a blue bandana.  And looking quite musically inclined, because she is!

Wednesday the little maestra turned 12.  She asked for a pound cake with no frosting, and she wanted it to be blue. Of course.  We compromised on a pound cake with blue swirls and part of it unfrosted.  The breaking of the cake into 3 pieces was my idea.  Ok, it was an accident for which I take full credit.

My other great idea was to invite 3 of her friends from school to walk home with her and have cake, but not to tell her they were going to do that.  Somehow she didn't not figure out that they were actually coming to the house with her until they all got here, and even then she was surprised.  Happy Birthday Sisi!

Today it's a purple haze in the backyard.  Lilacs

Hint of purple on the rhubarb stalks


This little guy isn't purple, but he looked so cute I added him to the mix.  (Not my creation, found on plant trellis at a garage sale!)

Now if we have some Purple Rain the garden will look great!  

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Parkland Bluebells

The Player and I went to Parklands for a short hike yesterday afternoon because it was a beautiful spring day, because it was my last Monday off work (going to a 5-day per week schedule next week) and because we heard that "the bluebells are out at Parklands."  We heard that information on good authority from a fellow at church who hikes there a lot.

So the first half mile or so on the hike we saw



forget me nots


and finally just a few meager bluebells

but then, o then, o my, we headed down close to the Mackinaw and were transported into Bluebell Acres:

Carl Sagan would have said there were Billyuns and Billyuns of Bluebells!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Blue Monday

J-dude requested I make THIS today -

And indeed I shall make Berry Blue Jello.  But first I will annoy my son by singing all the songs I can remember with "BLUE" in the title.  And I will have help from Ironing Man.  We will start with Blue Velvet...harmonizining on the dum dum duuuum parts.  J-dude will ask how do we both know this song.  He will finally decided is it because you guys are OLD and we will have to agree with that assessment.  But wait!  We are not done.

I will start singing Blue Suede Shoes, which will earn me a slightly smaller eye roll from J-dude.  Then Ironing Man will remember Blue Hawaii.  Night and youuuuuuuu.... yes that earns a little more of the orbital rotation than my shoe song.  

Next I will break out Tommy James and the Shondells Crystal Blue Persuasion.  We are definitely on a roll now...yes, an eye roll roll.  

But then, an amazing thing will happen.  J-dude will look over at the OLD people bopping around the kitchen, and say "Devil in a Blue Dress."  I will first think he might be talking about me, but I will only wearing a blue t-shirt.  Well, I will have pants on too of course.  But they are red.  (Yes, of course unmatched PJs, I wouldn't wear red pants out of the house.)  So I think he will be playing the OLD people's game.  

I can't wait until he asks for Red Jello.  Because then we can get Grandad to play Red River Valley on his harmonica!!