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Monday, January 23, 2012

Swamp Gas

The Player and I headed up north on Saturday for a very short get-away.  We hiked at Matthieson again under blue skies.  We met a few cross country skiiers, one of whom was afraid of falling into the canyon.  She said, "I was so scared I peed my pants a little bit back there."
You gotta love that kind of honesty.  Only a confident older woman would say that as if it were a completely normal kind of thing.  Of course it is a pretty normal thing to do if you are scared and over 40.  She didn't say she almost peed or that she wanted to pee her pants...no she matter-o-factly stated that she indeed had peed, albeit a little. 

Saturday night we stayed at a bed and breakfast in the area.  The Brightwood Inn has nice rooms with jacuzzi bathtubs for two, gas fireplaces, and nice views.  (Collagemama, there was also an iron and ironing board in the closet!!)  We decided to dine at a local place we'd heard about called The Cajun Connection. 

TCC is one of those out-in-the-middle-o-nowhere restaurants that looks like it's made of cardboard, decorated in early American tacky, and has a line to get in the door even in winter.  The owner/chef is Cajun Ron and he will wander around the restaurant and say goodbye to people who are leaving by coming up to your table and saying loudly "If you aren't eating or paying your bill then Get Out of Here!"  as he shakes your hand and points at the front of the waiting line and claims the people there made him say that.

The food was good.  We had gumbo, jambalaya, blackened catfish and shrimp, and The Player decided to go for broke and tried the blackened alligator.

The blackened alligator can bite even after being killed, tenderized, spiced, cooked and eaten.   A serious case of swamp gas ensued, mostly in the form of killer burps.  About 428 of them.  Whew.  Fortunately I had only a tiny taste of reptile meat, so only burped about 3 times. 

The Player has sworn off alligator meat for life, I reckon.  Now we know, though, why the owner wanted us out of there so quickly!  Haha..ha..erp.


Kathleen said...

You almost made me pee a little, but I have excellent Kegels, thanks to you.

(My verification word was "dootish," so I shall officially classify the above as a dootish remark.)

Kathleen said...

I thought I heard burping...and I am back to say that maybe I somehow fixed the commenting thing over at my blog. Want to try it out? I still don't understand what happened, but it might work!


WOW, you two would LOVE a restaurant we went to in Louisiana. It was called Wiggins and if a group had not been going with us I would NOT of entered. It looked like a paper shack ready to fall down. They had newspaper on some tables. Later learned they brought tubs of fish or some weird thing out and dumped it on there and everyone grabbed. NOT ME!!!!
This is the first time we could comment on your blog for ages.

ted tingley said...

I see you are among the abnormal.

Collagemama said...

I never suspected there were alligators in Illinois (except for the politicians).

If you have the choice between jacuzzi for two or ironing board, go with the jacuzzi. Reminds me of the first time I went along with my spouse on a business trip and the hotel room had a phone in the potty...long time ago. Now we just flush our cell phones by accident. Which is cllypest, the security word.