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Friday, March 23, 2012


The Player, the little people, and I are heading to Tennessee.  We will get to visit with my parents and my sisters and maybe a niece and nephew and in-laws or not-lawfully-in-law-kinda-persons.

One of my sisters is married.  My other sister and I have sworn to never ever ever EVER ever do that again.  So our men are not really in-laws.  Are they outlaws?  Oooh I kinda like that. 

This week I joined the Friends of the Normal Public Library.  I bought a family membership.  Then I put my name, the kids, and The Player's name on the card.  Then I went to the book sale (where I bought Kathleen a copy of our book group book for 50 cents!  Yea book sale!)  At the entrance I was listed as having paid for a Single Membership.  I said, no no look at my card, I paid for a family membership and The Player (I didn't call him that) wants to come later so I need to make sure that you know I bought a family membership.  She looked at the 3 different last names on our card and I said, "tha's me" (I pointed to my name), "them's my chilrens" (I pointed to J-dude and Sisi's names) and "that's my...."  (I paused as I pointed to The Player's name).."my partner."  I felt very politically correct when I said that. 

So Mah Pardner is headed to the book sale now with our fambly membership card to see if we are legally joined in holy bookbuying abilities. 

Won't blog again until we are back from the South.  Have a great weekend Gentle Readers.


Collagemama said...

Sending you, your pardner, and your chillens an Allman Brothers soundtrack for your southbound roadtrip via mental telepathy. It is good to move beyond the Raffi music car trips. Such a joy when my sons graduated to Creedence and Pink Floyd!

Kathleen said...

Oh, have a joyous, silly, safe, happy, wonderful, springtime trip! And thank you, thank you, thank you for the book. I will unhold my "hold" at the library! Mmm, maybe Pam is the one who checked it out!