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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Comfort and Joy

Every year we put our Christmas tree up on Friday evening after Thanksgiving.   This is a family tradition, including me having some degree of a nervous breakdown during the process. I cannot imagine what it is that sets me on edge.  The combination of electric lights, glass ornaments, pets, and sibling rivalry could be contributing factors.

Or I might just be a total wacko.

Fortunately we always work through the process and the tree goes up.  This year we bought a new tree, having decided that the Charlie Brown Artificial Tree could be retired.  This tree is taller, allowing for more sibling rivalry over who would place the angel at the top.  Somehow both kids have come to believe that it is their traditional job.  Oy ve!

In this photo you can barely see the new carpet and next time there is a living room photo we hope to have taken delivery of a new sofa and loveseat (Thank you Santa!)

After the tree was decorated I am pretty sure Sisi set off a tinsel garland bomb in the living room.  It's everywhere!

Today the weather brought great joy!!!  The last day of November in Central Illinois and this is what we got:

Trust me, 57 degrees this time of year isn't really Normal.

To celebrate Ironing Man and I went for a walk on Constitution Trail.  

More joy, in the comfort of warmer than normal temperatures.

And when we came home I finished a new mosaic project.  I'm learning to use smalti, which is conducive to smaller projects and doesn't require grouting, making it perfect for winter indoor projects in the little room where I work.

Here's the project, it's about 5 x 6 inches.  A simple design while I learn how to manage the smalti and the thinset which is the adhesive AND looks like grout.  I didn't color the thinset this time, so it's kind of a boring gray.

Joyful joyful I adore smalti!


ted said...

Happy after Thanksgiving Day!

Kathleen said...

Happy Comfort and Joy!

I think you know of my original couplet:

it makes me pout.

Here's one for you:

it isn't salty!

Collagemama said...

Great update! Love those unNormal hiking temps.