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Sunday, October 12, 2014


I made up that word!  I like it.  Is it a dance?  A kind of puzzle?   A children's toy?  A bird?  A plane?

No it's just a made up word combining the ideas of Zentangle (which is a form of meditative doodling I learned about a few weeks ago) and this crazy Pi cat as seen on the hood of The Player's car as I was heading off to work Friday morning.

I do love my cell phone's features:  Camera.  Compass.  Internet access.  Stopwatch.  Timer.  Clock.  Alarms.  Notepad.  Weather updates.  Maps!  Animation program. DId I forget anything?  Oh, yeah, you can CALL people and TALK to them, too!  Wowee wow wow!

Here are some of my zentangles:

Materials needed - little squares of nice watercolor paper, a 0.01 mm pen, and a little imagination.  There are standard zentangle patterns, easily found on the internet, and if you repeat them in your drawing while relaxing and thinking about your breathing, you are zentangling!
Plus you get a nice little piece of art when you are done!  What could be better?


ron hardy said...

Pi just got his learner's permit. A proud cat and his car. Will you zencatangle with me?

Kathleen said...


ted said...

I like it,

Ellen said...

When do we get some of this new art?